Friday, April 27, 2018

Be the First to Know about NEW Keystone Condo Construction at Pre-Construction Pricing

I'm going to let you in on a secret.  At this time, only people within my network and those who follow me on social media will know about this.  If you want to be the FIRST TO KNOW about new construction condos in Keystone, Colorado then today is your day!


We are finalizing all the details and will make an official announcement very soon.  If you want to know how you can get a new construction condo in Keystone at pre-construction pricing, then sign up for the First to Know List!  These properties are NOT in the MLS yet, and they have not been released to the brokerage community.  This is your opportunity to be first in line to receive information on this fantastic new project.  We will be offering one, two and three bedroom condos starting under $400,000.   Yes - new mountain construction under $400,000!

Announcing, The New Seasons at Keystone.

Long awaited, The New Seasons at Keystone is the first condominium project in Keystone since 2002 when the original Seasons at Keystone was built.  The New Seasons at Keystone is the second phase to the original Seasons at Keystone, completing the project by adding forty condominium units to the existing thirty-two. This second phase will offer new construction contemporary condominiums including one, two and three bedroom units.  The exterior of the new buildings will resemble and compliment the existing Seasons at Keystone buildings.  The interiors have been re-thought and re-configured for today’s discerning consumer. 

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And keep living the dream!

(What do all those letters mean?  They mean I've been a real estate professional for a long time!!)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Summit County Colorado Real Estate Update Q1 2018

It's time for my quarterly newsletter and this month I'm featuring a sneak peek into a new development project in Keystone Colorado.

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You can hear my podcast on Denver Real Estate Investing.

You can check out my fantastic listings, read about market conditions, and just plain read stuff I wrote.  What could be better?

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Live Webinar on Summit County Real Estate Investment!

On March 14, 2018 at 1:00 pm, join me for a LIVE webinar on all things Summit County (and Mountain Resort) real estate investment. Registration link is above and below!

Many people live in Denver for the mountain lifestyle but the reality of driving I-70 on a Saturday or Sunday can make day trips almost unbearable. If you have ever wondered about the realities of buying, owning, renting and selling a mountain property, then this episode is for you. Amy Nakos, a Summit County Real Estate professional for over 15 years, will discuss general considerations in mountain resort properties and then take the audience through two investment examples of actual properties in Summit County. Learn how you can own a piece of the dream, offset your expenses with rental income, and create memories with your friends your family . . . that don’t include sitting in stopped traffic! Specific topics we will cover are: - Mountain Market Trends - Considerations for purchasing a second home in a resort - Homeowner’s Associations - Short Term Rentals v Long Term Rentals - AirBNB/VRBO v. Property Management Companies - Buying and owning with friends - New Construction and Developments - Investment Property Operating Data x 2 Guest: Amy Nakos lives in Frisco, Colorado where she has been a real estate professional since 2003. She and her husband own and operate a mixed use commercial and residential property that they purchased out of foreclosure and have also developed a new construction four-plex. She is the managing broker of Your Castle Summit LLC, and is also a licensed Colorado attorney. She loves helping her clients build wealth through real estate and especially enjoys sharing her love for her community. She spends her free time with her husband Darren, her two sons Tyler and Max, and her dog, Chester and enjoys skiing, biking, hiking, fine wine, trying to golf and being outdoors.


This is the intro slide to the webinar! I chose some photos of the family, my dog, me skiing powder (actually just posing in powder), and of course the business shot against the blue wall!!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

End of Year 2017 Real Estate Newsletter. And how you can Live Like a Local!

While most of you are in full swing for 2018, I still want to wish you a Happy New Year and give you my 2017 end of year real estate update for Summit County.

Amy's 2017 Year in Review Real Estate Newsletter!

For a quick synopsis, here is what you need to know if you are a Buyer or a Seller:

For Buyers: Our market is split.  For properties under $750K to $1m, inventory is tight and prices are climbing.  Days on market for properties over $750K are 129 whereas days on market for properties under $750K is 44.  Prices have climbed an average of 15% from last year on all properties.  If you have been waiting for the right time to purchase, get serious now about obtaining financing and start to shop. Prices will continue to climb as Denver's robust economy feeds the Summit County market.  The market is especially tight under $500K, and almost non-existent under $300K.

For Sellers: With record low inventory, putting your property on the market now, especially during the high rental season, will provide you with little competition from other listings.  If you have a property under $500K, expect a fast turnaround time provided you are within market pricing.  If you wait until spring, you will be in the crowd of new listings coming on the market.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

3Q Summit County Real Estate Newsletter, Amy Nakos

Hi friends out there in cyber land!  If you are NOT on my newsletter mailing list, then you did not have the pleasure to read my 3Q edition.


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Saturday, December 9, 2017


I know that some of you were busy on Wednesday night and couldn't tune in to 2 hours of the most riveting real estate information of our time.  All joking aside, if you have any interest in tuning in to our re-broadcast of the December 6, Mountain Resort Real Estate Trends presentation, you can visit my facebook page and find the whole presentation there!

We also reference a trends booklet.  Here is your electronic version:

We discussed various resort real estate topics including short v. long term rentals, Homeowner's Associations, new developments in our areas (most are still in planning commissions), and cash flow potential.  

Of course if you have any specific questions, just reach out to me instead of sorting through 2 hours of us talking!!


Friday, December 8, 2017

Going International - Helping You Find Real Estate Anywhere in the World

Did you know that if you need help finding real estate ANYWHERE in the world that I can help you?

Most people think that they have to go out and find their own real estate professional when looking in a new area.  Everyone knows a real estate professional or two (or more) where they live, but if they are relocating or buying a vacation home somewhere else, they may not know where to start to find a reputable real estate broker with whom to work.

What most people do is Google "best real estate agent in Orlando."  Or, they start by looking at properties online on Zillow or and find an agent that way.  And while this will work, if you choose a broker on Zillow, you most likely are NOT getting the listing agent or even a good agent.  What you are getting is the agent who spent the most money with Zillow to have his or her name and phone number on the top.  Often these are new agents or agents who don't have an existing book of business (i.e., not very experienced), and they are PAYING to get clients:  thousands and thousands of dollars each month, to get you to click on them and close your deal.

For agents like me, who work mostly on repeat and referral business, we understand the power of experience, longevity, maintaining high ethical standards, and sharing business with the best of the best professionals around the world.  That is why I was invited to be a member of Referral Exchange, an invite only network of top professionals, who refer business to one another, knowing that our clients will receive the best service with the best local knowledge.

So, if you or someone you know is looking for real estate ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, let me help find the perfect real estate professional to make your real estate dreams come true.