Thursday, December 6, 2012

Merry Statistics - Ho Ho Ho! Summit County Colorado Macro Statistics 1990 to 2012

As you might suspect, I am very often asked how the market is doing. I provide these monthly reports to keep my clients up to date on real estate market trends in Summit County, but I can imagine that actually digesting the information each month is a bit much to remember. So this month, I'm providing more macro information so you can see longer term trends.

Last month, the owner of Your Castle Real Estate, Lon Welsh, a number cruncher and chart maker extraordinaire, used Summit County MLS data to analyze the trends we are seeing in the market. I'm excited to be able to provde them to you this month!

The takeaway from the market trends is that sales volume is down around 65% from the height in 2007 and average prices are down around 16%, more in some markets. The recovery is underway as prices stabilize and sales increase.

Merry Statistics!
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