Monday, January 9, 2012

Summit County Colorado Foreclosure Statistics November 2011

Summit County Foreclosure Update for November 2011

In November 2011 there have been 56 foreclosure actions; 29 with fee simple (100%) ownership, and 21 for timeshares. In November the Summit County Treasurer’s Office issued 33 Public Trustee’s Deeds - 9 for fee simple ownership, and 20 for timeshares; the other 4 are unknown.

The breakdown of the type of foreclosure actions for 2011 is as follows. There have been 302 Notice of Election and Demands which is the first step in the foreclosure process. This starts the foreclosure timeline and is not yet a sale of the property. There have been 12 Certificate of Purchase actions which is where the Public Trustee offers the property at public auction. Any purchaser must pay more than the debt itself owed to the lien holder filing the foreclosure action plus any fees. The purchaser has the duty to research whether there are any other outstanding liens on the property. There have been 209 Public Trustee's Deeds in 2011. This is the stage of the process where the holder of the Certificate of Purchase obtains ownership of the entity.

In terms of property types, 152 single family homes, 130 multifamily units, 14 parcels of vacant land, 6 developments, 7 commercial properties, 47 unknown actions, and 167 timeshares in Summit County had foreclosure actions filed against them so far in 2011. Two hundred and twenty-five are in Breckenridge (but note, that all timeshares are in Breckenridge). Forty are in Blue River and Silverthorne each, 26 each in Keystone and Wildernest, and 23 in Dillon Valley.

In looking back at foreclosure statistics in Summit County, 2009 had 300 NED’s, and 86 Public Trustee Deeds issued. The year 2010 had 367 NED’s and 148 Public Trustee Deeds issued.

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